Eat Pray Wear Love: Girl's Getaway at Garden of the Gods Club

Girl's Getaway at Garden of the Gods Club

Guys - I feel like I have been going nonstop lately! I just came off of a long weekend in California with friends and family - and it was a complete whirlwind! I'm currently reminiscing about my laid back weekend at the Garden of the Gods Club with my girls, and wishing I could book another stay there! Talk about ultimate relaxation!
girl's weekend

 As you might remember from following along on Instagram, I recently stayed at the Garden of the Gods Club here in Colorado Springs with my Denver blogger babes Abby of Denver Darling and Lacey of My Boring Closet. I have been to the club before, as my FIL is a member there and two of my best friends even married there last summer. It's an unbelievable sight to see, with the panoramic views of Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods and the famous Kissing Camels (named so, as the two rock formations that look like camels, appear to be kissing.) Truly incomparable views!
Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods! View from Garden of the Gods Resort!
I'm a huge fan of staycations, but unlike others, this one really felt like I was transported away from home. Everything you need is at your fingertips at the resort. The King Club Suites were equipped with private shower/toilet area, large vanity and breakfast bar with fridge, huge walk-in closet, sofa, desk area and even a gas fireplace. All this, while overlooking the most incomparable views!
Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs
King Club Suites at Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs
Garden of the Gods Club
Garden of the Gods Resort
Being a Cali girl, my happiest moments are spent around water, so I decided to start my stay early out by the amazing pool. You remember these views? Honestly, I could have laid there all weekend and been perfectly content. Brandon and I already have plans to go back and make a date weekend out of having out by the amazing infinity pool.

That evening, the resort arranged for a dinner for us girls at the Grand View Dining Room. (And yes, you guessed it - the views ARE grand!) The tasting menu was definitely the way to go, as it came with 3 courses, each paired with wine. I recall it being a really great price for what you got, as well.
The View From Garden of the Gods Resort

The next morning, us girls ordered in room service before heading out for our spa treatments. (You have got to try the grapefruit creme brûlée off the breakfast menu!!) We were spoiled with 60 minutes massages, and luxurious pedicures. I'm reluctant to say it was the best massage of my life, (only because I say that EVERY time I have a massage!) but I can say with certainty it was the best pedicure I've ever had. I never knew it could be that good! After our treatments, we relaxed in the incredible Himalayan salt room - the benefits of himalayan salt are incredible, so it was really cool to have an entire room to relax and detox in.
Wellness Spa at Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs
Himalayan Salt Room
We finished off our trip on Monday morning like any girl wants to after a weekend of eating and drinking - by getting our body fat counts. HA! I kid, because I was actually really looking forward to it. I have been working out REALLY hard lately, and eating more protein and even more calories, trying to fuel my body to see the results I desire. I loved the idea of getting my body composition results, so I could tell if I am headed on the right track or not. The Garden of the Gods Health and Wellness Center is home to what's considered the gold standard of body composition measurement devises - the BodPod. The BodPod is used by the Olympic Center and even the military to test athletes and soldiers, so you know it has to be good. 

You basically get inside this pod, and once the door shuts, it all begins to pressurize. It's super comfortable, and the only feeling it really puts off is similar to how you feel when you change altitude rapidly. Within minutes, I was told what my body percentage of fat was, and what my body percentage of muscle was (I liked that number better). I also found out what my metabolic heart rate was - something I always wanted to know! The doctor hit the nail on the head telling me that he guessed I did a lot of cardio (more on my workout routine here) and recommended I incorporate more weight training to see the results I desire. This was so encouraging to hear, as I had already been taking steps in this direction! 
Incredible View of Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods from the Garden of the Gods Resort in Colorado Springs
Whether you are a local looking for a true staycation that transports you to another world, or a traveler looking for the ultimate getaway, I highly recommend Garden of the Gods Club. As a bonus to EPWL readers, GOGC is offering a special booking code. At checkout, you can use the code Escape50 to receive a $50 resort credit, per night, to be used as you desire! This fee could cover everything from spa and golf to even dining. Pretty cool right?



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