Eat Pray Wear Love: Tips For Staying Fit Through The Holidays

Tips For Staying Fit Through The Holidays

I must admit, staying in shape during the holiday's is no easy task. Between Christmas cookies around every corner, and copious amounts of wine, you're pretty much doomed the second Halloween rolls around, up until the new year. (No wonder there are New Year's resolutions!) Today, I'm sharing some of my best tips for staying in shape during the holiday season. 
1. Exercise in the morning: I've learned that this is crucial! As hard as it is to find motivation in the morning, it's essential for me to actually get my work out done! Inevitably, if I wait until evening, I'll be either too tired to exercise, or something will come up and I'll never get around to it. To ensure you can partake in all the season's festivities, while also keeping an eye on your weight, morning workouts are the only weigh way to go. 

2. Indulge (a little):  One surefire way for me to fall off track is by depriving myself from goodies. I find that if I have a little taste of whatever it is I want, the urge goes away and I just move on. Conversely, If I try to stear clear of treats for too long, I totally binge and fall off the wagon. Hence my motto, #treatyoself

3. Drink TONS of water: Yes, TONS. Half of your body weight (in ounces), to be exact. When you're dehydrated your body craves bad food, and function at a much less capacity than it should. Make it your goal to drink half your weight (in ounces) and I guarantee you'll feel infinitely better throughout the day.

4. Eat your veggies: This is a no brainer! Fill yourself up with fruits and veggies instead of processed junk, and you'll not only feel better about the way you look, but you'll actually feel better, too! 

5. Wear cute workout clothes: I've said this before, but it's something I really believe. When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you do good. I tend to do a lot more hot yoga in the winter months, so these mesh bar tights are perfect for the studio. The mesh material is breathable, while the fabric is moisture wicking - aka perfect for a sweaty yoga sesh! This jacket is so perfect for heading to class when cold temps roll around. The fleece lining make it super warm and cozy, while the asymmetrical construction make it stylish enough for running around town. 

6. Keep a food journal: If you document what you eat throughout the day, you are less likely to overeat. This has been one of my tricks for the longest time, and I swear by it!

7. Liquid calories are the devil: I know that pumpkin spice latte is to die for, and that egg nog martini sounds so good, but if you're looking to curb some major calories, still to red wine and low calorie coffee beverages. 


  1. Great tips!thank you for sharing.
    Love this comfy look!just the wayI like to wear!
    Wish you a Merry XMas my dear friend!

  2. Love these tips! I do almost all of them myself but I am horrible about drinking enough water - i never knew the 1/2 your weight formula! I have to get on that! Also - I think I might try a food journal - I don't really know where I could improve my diet and that will help!

    Love your look btw - that bod!


  3. Those pants are so good! The sweets are just killer for me right now. I swear they are every where and I have absolutely no self control. Getting to the gym and drinking tons of water are definitely my only saviors this time of year!

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  4. These are great tips! I totally agree about exercising in the morning, it never seems to get done otherwise! Obsessed with these workout pants too!

    Xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  5. Great tips!! I need to get back on the fitness wagon.

  6. Great tips! And equally beautiful gorgeous outfits!!

    Adi xx

  7. I needed this inspo! So hard to be consistent with the gym this time of year. I'm with Zahra about the water formula and food journal...probably need to cut back on the wine too;)

    Wishes & Reality

  8. Great tips! I totally agree with the liquid calorie part. So deceptive and if way rather eat mine. You look great!!

    Amy Ann

  9. Those leggings are so fun, I love them! & you look fantastic! xx,

  10. I purchased the black pair and basically want to live in them! I did purchase the best workout clothes at a discount and I will enjoy answering any questions about the product! Feel free to ask away, I am glad to help. That being said, I love them so much I will definitely be ordering more in the future!


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