Eat Pray Wear Love: 9 Things

9 Things

1. Currently Reading #GirlBoss

2. The Perfect Pot For My Latest Little Succulent

3. Album On Repeat.

4. Making This Salad Very Soon

5. Are You A Comic Sans Criminal

6. Incorrectly Used Words (that are making you look bad)

7. Early 20's vs Late 20's....Scarily True

8. 30 Commonly Mispronounced Words and how to pronounce them correctly

9.  If you were, then you'll understand all of these 11 Signs You Were Born & Raised In California


  1. OMG, it is scary how accurate the Early 20s v. Late 20s article is, and I just turned 30, which is even scarier…ha! Thanks for sharing!

    Megan //

  2. I loved the commonly mispronounced food words article. There were a couple I didn't know how to pronounce!

  3. I want to read Girl Boss so bad!! Happy Thursday!

    <3 Shannon

  4. dying to read #girlboss! Let us know how it is :)

    Brittani and Katie

  5. Hello!i like your blog.i m your new reader.hope you ll be mine too.

  6. I reallllllly want to read Girl Boss so bad!!

    XO Color Me Courtney

  7. Oh the Cosmic San Criminal is too good! "Defibrillator." "Sex Offenders Registry." "Dear Jimmy.. aren't you excited."

    Also, sign me up for a response of if you liked Girl Boss! (:


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