Eat Pray Wear Love: The {Do's & Don'ts} of Wearing White After Labor

The {Do's & Don'ts} of Wearing White After Labor

It seems everywhere I go this week, all I hear is something about how "you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day." {Even my husband has said this to me twice this week! Once when I was rocking my fave white skinnies and again yesterday as I donned my new white blazer // {coming soon to a blog post near you} At which point, I interject and let it be known that is simply no longer true! In fact, you absolutely SHOULD wear white after Labor Day! As long as you do it the right way!

DON'T // Wear Light Fabric Sundresses

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Light linens should be packed away no matter what color they are. Especially if they are white. 

DO // Pair Lighter Fabrics With Black Leather

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Nicky Hilton shows us how to take our favorite summer dress into fall with this crochet dress paired with a black leather jacket, black tights, and black booties.

DON'T // Go Strapless

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DO // Don A Sleeveless Sheath or Cap Sleeve
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This white sheath is made weather appropriate with its asymmetrical collar, chic tailored boddess and its perfect length that hits just below the knee. 
Jessica Biel's 3/4 length cap sleeve is the perfect way to rock winter white!

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& because I've never really cared too much for being told what NOT to do... I'm kickin' the rest of the DON'Ts to the curb. Here are a few more "DO'S" to add to your list.

DO // Pair With Fur

Take a lesson from the fashionista herself, Olivia Palermo, who knocks it out of the park in this ensemble of white trousers, knit vest and yummy fur lined jacket.

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DO // Wear White Skinnies

Styling your white skinnies with a snuggly sweater is the best way to transition them into colder weather. I am loving this look below, which is no surprise considering the top is from one of my fave boutiques ILY Couture

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DO // Cream & Ivory - Especially mixing with Oatmeal & Camel colors

Last but not least, DON'T be afraid to take a risk. Some of the greatest fashion moments come from risk takers! There are SO many more ways to make white work for you in the fall and winter seasons {Ivory White Peacoat and White Blazers to name a few} but hopefully this list will help you learn that it's ok to break the quote on quote "rules" that your grandmother may have played by. Welcome to the modern age, where fashion rules were made to be bent or broken ;)

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