Eat Pray Wear Love: Fabulous Abulous!

Fabulous Abulous!

Okay, so I just made up "abulous" but this is my blog, so I can do that! :) 

Today is February 1st and I am starting the "Fab Ab February" Challenge! The calendar is below, along with a photo I took this morning. I've often come across these calendars on Pinterest, and wondered if they actually produce any results, so...I'm posting this picture so that we'll all be able to see the results-if any. 

 Disclaimer: I cropped this in an attempt to avoid being one of those "oh so sexy" bathroom pics.   
I had a hard time taking this photo, for that reason, but...just wanting to give real results. :)

I'm adding this program in addition to my normal workout routine, and eating habits, so let's see if this makes any difference! (I'm personally a little skeptical, that this will do much; but seeing how I've been curious since I saw this calendar floating around Pinterest last's worth a shot!)

Calendar Cred: here

Who else is in?!

Day 1: Let's Do This!!

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  1. Did you end up completing this 30 day challenge and did it ever brought any good results?
    In my opinion you already have fabulous abs. But looking forward to 30 day challenge effect. Thanks and good luck


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