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Quick & Easy Holiday Makeup with Glo Skin Beauty

A few months ago I shared with you my skin care routine with Glo Skin Beauty, and today I am back with Glo to share a quick and easy holiday makeup look. 
I hardly ever do a bold smokey eye, but there is something about the holidays that begs for a little more glam. For this holiday makeup look, I paired a smokey eye with a bold red lip, using Glo Skin Beauty products from prepping my skin for product, down to the finishing touch. Best of all, this look  only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, making it a quick and easy holiday makeup routine.

To start, I applied the Daily Power C serum. This is my secret weapon guys! Vitamin C is so essential in protecting your skin from environmental pollutants, add it even brightens the skin, which I am a huge fan of, since I'm on a no-sun spots mission (see what I mean here). I start with this product every single day. After it completely dries, I apply a moisturizer. I have combination skin, so I really like this Oil-Free Moisturizer, because it tackles the dry parts of my face without adding oil to the oilier parts.

After prepping my face, I apply the Satin Cream Foundation (I'm wearing "natural", for reference.) I'm not sure if Glo changed this formula when they changed from Glo Minerals, to Glo Skin Beauty, but I really liked this version so much more. The coverage is amazing and it goes on so smooth.
I've been really into "baking" my makeup, lately. If you're not familiar with the term, it's basically applying your concealer and highlighter, and dusting with a finishing powder, allowing it to sit for 5-10 minutes (aka bake) before brushing off the excess. This process is a dream for those with dark under eye circles, like me. For this look, I used the Oil Free Camouflage concealer, Liquid Bright concealer, and Luminous Setting powder. For concealers, I always go 2-3 shades lighter than my actual face, to add a highlight effect. Once, applied, I go on to do my eyebrows, as I let everything sit-in, or "bake".
I know I have said it before, but I never leave home with my my eyebrows. I've used Glo's Brow Quad Kit (last seen here) for years, but wanted to give the brow pencil a try, for this look. I really love this pencil, because the other end comes with a spoolie, so you can blend the product together.
Once I've applied my eyebrows, it's the perfect time to brush away the excess powder from under my eyes.
For the eye makeup, I used my trusty Glo Skin Beauty Shadow Palette. I use this one every single day! It has the perfect combination of colors, no matter what look you are going for. For this particular look, I used the grays and blacks, but I tend to use more of the creams and browns for everyday wear.
No holiday makeup look would be complete without a signature red lip. I have always been obsessed with Glo Skin Beauty's lip crayons (see this post), but their lipsticks are just as great. I'm wearing "bullseye" below.
What do you guys think of my holiday look? Would you wear this to a Christmas party? Have you ever tried Glo Skin Beauty? Remember, you can get 15% off with the code EATPRAYWEARLOVE15.

By the way, be sure to head over to my girl Jenna's blog, Visions of Vogue, to which Glo Skin Beauty products are her favorite. Plus, we are BOTH giving away 5 $100 gift cards over on Instagram today so be sure to be following along there! 

Best Christmas Gifts For Him Under $150

Still lost on what to get him? I get it. Boys are so hard to buy for! I took some extra time to curate this gift guide for him, for that very reason. Today's gift guide shows presents ranging from $50-$150, whereas my last gift guide for her only showed gifts up to $100, because...let's face it.... boys are more expensive to buy for. It's true! You could buy me anything off of my gift guide for her under $50, or even my gift guide for her under $25, and I'd be a happy camper. But boys...they only want the expensive toys, so I had to up my price a little. 

Here are my best Christmas gifts for him under $150  
Duffel Bag - I bought this as a gift for Brandon a few years back and he loves it. You've seen Herschel pop a few times on my gift guides, because they are a great brand, that is super stylish and durable. Shop this one here

Beats Headphones - Beats is a great brand for stylish and quality speakers, and their headphones make no exception. Shop them here.

Vintage Record Player - This would make a great gift for the music lover, or vintage vinyl collector. I love the vintage feel of this one. It comes in several color options, too. Shop them all here.

Reidel Wine Glasses - Any wine enthusiast would be thrilled to have these under their tree. Brandon received them as a gift a few years ago, and they are still his go-to glasses for wine. Shop them here.

Ugg Slippers - Giving the gift of cozy is always a good idea. I swear, UGG makes the best slippers on earth! I have given them as gifts twice now, and they never disappoint. Shop them here.

Snowshoes - The outdoor enthusiast will appreciate these. Heck, I have a pair of these on my wishlist. These are highly rated, and come with a  carrying bag and tote. Shop them here.

Cologne - Brandon sent me to the store not too long ago to buy him some new cologne, and I had to choose the scent. I was so nervous that he wasn't going to like what I picked, but I ended up finding this Gucci Guilty cologne and knew he would love it. Sure enough, he did. If you are looking for a sexy and safe scent for your man, this is it. Shop it here.

Smoker - I feel like every man I know loves a good smoker. This one is only $150 and would make such a great gift for the grill master in your life. Shop it here.

AirBNB Gift Card - This would be a great gift for the traveler in your life. We use AirBNB several times a year, and I know so many others that do too. Giving the gift of AirBNB is a great idea for almost anyone on your list. Shop it here.

Adidas Sneakers - Every guy I know is completely obsessed with Adidas sneakers, these days. I really love these ones because they would go with almost anything, making them a safe, neutral gift for the guy in your life. Shop them here.

Nixon Watch - A nice watch always makes a great gift, and this one by Nixon combines casual and classy in a seamless and timeless way. Shop it here.

Bluetooth Speaker - We have several bluetooth speakers and take them everywhere we go. They make a great gift for a traveler, or anyone that may not have a great sound system at home. Shop it here.

Money Clip -  This is a great gift for my guy, specifically, because he really hates wallets. I like this one because you can personalize it with a monogram. Shop it here

Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop!

Growing up in Southern/Central California, I didn't make it to the mountains much. It just wasn't my thing. Some of my friends would love to take a two hour trek to the mountains, but I would usually opt to drive the same distance to the beach. Since moving to Colorado 8 years ago, I've learned to love the mountains. (Maybe forcibly, since the closest beach is 800+ miles away, but still.) I don't really ski or snowboard, and not sure I really intend on ever picking it up, but I have found other things to do in Breckenridge in the rocky mountains that aren't skiing or snowboarding, that are just as fun.

For example, I really love hiking. It's not something I had access to growing up, but these days, I can drive 20 minutes to a number of epic trailheads. During the snowy months, I very much enjoy heading to mountain towns like Vail, Aspen and Breckenridge. Breckenridge is the closest to Colorado Springs, so it's the one I visit the most. If the hubby plans on snowboarding, I tag along, with the promise of holding the cabin down while drinking hot toddys. (It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it!) This trip, I took my fun outdoors to enjoy the winter activities (aka things to do in Breckenridge that aren't skiing or snowboarding), and took Supergoop! along with me.
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
If you aren't familiar with Supergoop! they are basically the bomb. (Do people still say that, or is it just me?) SPF is SO important to combat harmful UVA rays - even in the winter months, because they can penetrate clouds on gloomy or snowy days. In fact, I would say SPF products are especially important in the winter months when you're playing in the snow, because the sun’s reflection off of snow can increase your UV exposure by 50%!

The problem with typical sunscreen, is that it just feels gross, and is usually full of harsh and harmful products. Supergoop! products are great, because they feel wonderful on your skin, and they don't use toxic ingredients like parabens, oxybenzone, or synthetic fragrances. 

It's funny how uneducated I was about SPF protection, growing up. And no fault of my parents either. If you grew up in the 90's, you know that it just wasn't really discussed then. Combine that with the fact that I am a born and raised Cali girl, well...years of poor suncare have finally caught up with me, by way of many sunspots on my face. Now, I won't go outside without layering the SPF on my face. I really love serums, for their antioxidant properties, so I was thrilled to try out Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30. It added just the right amount of hydration that my skin craves at high altitude! I almost always start my morning routine with serum, so it was nice to have the added SPF protection as I enjoyed my morning cup of coffee outside.
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
When it was time to get ready, I applied the Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 35. I really love a good CC Cream for days when I plan on being active outside, and I especially love when they come combined with an SPF product. This one goes on smooth, but unlike most sunscreens, it's not at all greasy, and the CC Cream gives just enough color to hide blemishes and gave my skin an even look. I finished the look off with the Supergoop! Perk Up Lip and Cheek Treat - which added the perfect amount of color to my lips and cheeks, all while still providing SPF protection! I set everything with the  Defense Refresh Setting Mist, which can be used to set your makeup, or for quick application, throughout the day. I love how all of these products worked together, so it wasn't like I was putting one on, only to have the next product mess it up. They layered themselves perfectly, to achieve a flawless look. 
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
After I was all SPF'd up, we took out on our adventures. If you are ever heading to Breckenridge but, like me, don't ski, here are a few other things to do in Breckenridge. 

Snowshoeing - This was my first time ever going, and I absolutely loved it. If you aren't familiar with snowshoeing, it's basically a way to hike in the thick snow. We took a hike up McCullough Gulch toward lower lake (just 20 minutes outside of Breckridge). The snow wasn't quite deep enough to need snowshoes, on the way up, but we eventually needed to put them on. We wore them the entire way down, which made our hike much easier, as we had some traction and weren't sliding through the snow. It was awesome!
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Once we got to the top, there was an incredible waterfall that had frozen over. Of course, we had to stop and snap a picture, which was also the perfect time to reapply sunscreen. Did you know that UV levels increase by 12% with every 3000 foot increase in elevation? I live at 6000 ft, so that was an alarming statistic to learn, and one I was very aware of as we climbed even higher to 9000 ft. One of my friends has sensitive skin, so I brought the  Supergoop! Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40 with me. This one sits on top of your skin, instead of absorbing into it, so it's perfect for kids or people with sensitive skin. There's no white residue, so it's perfect for mid-day application, when you're no where close to a mirror. The size of it is perfect to throw in your coat, so you don't have to worry about lugging around additional bags. 
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Living in Colorado, I typically can't go 30 minutes without having to put some sort of lip balm on. Our lips are the most sensitive part of our face, so I always make sure to cover them with an SPF product, too. I really loved this Supergoop! Lip Balm. The formula worked so well that I found myself not having to reapply it as often.
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Sledding - After our hike, we continued the fun outside with a little sledding. I don't care how old you are, there is something about sledding that makes you feel like a kid again. It's always fun! I may have wiped out a few times, but it only added to the fun of the experience. 
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
This was a perfect time for re-application. Remember - the sun’s reflection off of snow can increase your UV exposure by 50%. The Supergoop! Mineral Sunscreen Stick SPF 45 was the perfect pocket size to take with me on my outdoor activities. (Also, it smells amazing!)
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Aprés Ski - After a day on the mountain, a little Aprés ski is always in order. We headed over to One Ski Hill for some drinks and sunshine. Continuing my experiment with the Supergoop! products, I reached for the Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50. I know it seems like I was on sunscreen overload this day, but when you spend 6+ hours outside, you have to be protected! Plus, I was really trying to test all the products so I could give you my honest review. If you want to try one Supergoop! product, and just want a basic sunscreen, I would probably recommend this. In keeping with the other Supergoop! products, it wasn't at all greasy, and blended into my skin quite well.
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Things To Do In Breckenridge With Supergoop by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
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I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Supergoop! and my list of things to do in Breckenridge. Have you ever tried Supergoop!? What are some of your favorite products? What are your favorite things to do in Breckenridge? I'd also love to hear what you do in the mountains if you don't ski or snowboard.

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The Ultimate Red Holiday Dress For Your Christmas Party

When it comes to Christmas parties, you really can't beat a red holiday dress. It just screams, "Christmas". Combine that with the fact that red is currently one of the fashion season's hottest trends (case and point, see my feed here) - I just can't get enough of the color! 

I don't know about you, but there is something on my social calendar almost every night in December. It's the blessing and the curse that is Christmas right? All the fun things, but all at once. It's kind of overwhelming, but I take full advantage of my downtime, and if I have weeks like this one that are nonstop, I make sure that I make plenty of "me time" the following week. #balance 

When it comes to holiday dresses, I always find it a struggle to find options that work well for both work and play, and this red holiday dress from Cooper and Ella totally fits the bill. 
The Ultimate Red Holiday Dress For Your Christmas Party by Colorado style blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
The Ultimate Red Holiday Dress For Your Christmas Party by Colorado style blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
The Ultimate Red Holiday Dress For Your Christmas Party by Colorado style blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
The Ultimate Red Holiday Dress For Your Christmas Party by Colorado style blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
The Ultimate Red Holiday Dress For Your Christmas Party by Colorado style blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
The Ultimate Red Holiday Dress For Your Christmas Party by Colorado style blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
The Ultimate Red Holiday Dress For Your Christmas Party by Colorado style blogger Eat Pray Wear Love

I have a holiday party tonight with my girls at the Junior League, so I wore this look to work. Here, I styled this red holiday dress with my favorite $50 boots (here) and this gorgeous sequin bucket bag, from Zara (here). Today, I am wearing it with black tights and ankle booties, for a more festive look. (Speaking of black tights, these ones are magic! Currently buy one get one 50%, too.) During the winter, I always wear either tights or OTK boots with my dresses to cover my legs. I love that this dress is so versatile, and can be styled so many ways! Like I always say, it's all about the PPW (pay-per-wear).

Outfit deets are linked below. Happy Monday!

Red Holiday Dress c/o Cooper and Ella / Boots (only $50 and come in black, too) / Bag  (sold out) - love this one

11 Best Christmas Gifts For Her Under $100

If you didn't get enough shopping done over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I'm back with another gift guide to help you check off your Christmas list. These Christmas gifts for her are perfect for that woman in your life that you spend a little more on, like mom or wives (husband's, I'm talking to you!). If you aren't finding quite what you are looking for, try browsing the "gift" tabs at some of my favorite retailers such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Shopbop. They have great pre-selected items!

Here are my 11 Best Christmas Gifts For Her Under $100

1. Serving Board - Maybe it's the hostess in me, but I feel like you can never have enough fancy serveware. And anyone that loves to host, would agree. This would also make a great gift for a new homeowner or newlywed, or single mom that is just starting her collection. Shop it here.

2. Wine Aerator - Wine tools are always a great for a wine. *looks in the mirror* And this Aervana Wine Aerator is fancy AF! Shop it here.

3. Cozy Robe - I live in robes and having a good one is super important to me. I can't be the only one that feels this way, which is why it's made my list. Shop this one here.

4. Lumee Phone Case - Brandon bought this for me one Christmas, and I have never heard of them. When I opened it I said, "Wow. How vain do you think I am?" followed by, "But also, thank you." It really is a great tool for adding light to photos, and selfies. I have great fun with it at New Years Parties! Shop it here.

5. Tory Burch Studs - These are for your designer dud lover, or a girl that appreciates classics. They will go with just about everything. Shop them here.

6. Ugg Slippers - You really can't ever go wrong with Ugg slippers, but these add a cute factor that kicks them up a notch. Shop them here.

7. Rose Gold French Press - Ditching the coffee maker, and reaching for a homemade cup, is a really popular trend, right now. Some may be insulted by me calling it a "trend", but I mean...who knows. Maybe in a few years we'll all be praising our coffee makers again. If you are looking for a fancy gift for your 3rd wave coffee loving lady, this rose gold french press does the trick. Shop it here.

8. Cashmere Gloves - I I really need to say anymore? If you're a guy reading this, just know the gift of cashmere is the gift that keeps on giving in the girl world. Shop them here.

9. Black Clutch - A black clutch is a classic piece, that you just can't go wrong with. I love this one by Rebecca Minkoff, and own it in velvet. Velvet may be a bold choice, but this leather version is a super safe bet. Shop it here.

10. Jewelry Travel Case - Umm...I love this. (Hint, hint B. Behr.) I have my methods of traveling with jewelry, but they are time consuming, and this case seems to solve the problem altogether. Anyone that travels will appreciate this gift. Shop it here.

11. If you live in a cold weather climate, snow boots are essential and I seriously didn't know what I was missing until I bought some Sorel's. I love duck boots during the fall months, and these ones have stolen my heart. Sorel is really the gift that keeps on giving because they will last forever. Shop them here.

So, which Christmas gifts for her are your favorites? In case you missed it, you can check out my other gift guides here. They are broken down by price point to make them easy to shop.

My Favorite Christmas Jammies

Tradition means so much to me. As a child, every year when we put our Christmas tree up, my parents would make Chinese food, and we would eat Christmas cookies and sip on eggnog as we trimmed our tree. And every year as we finished, my granny would say "that's the prettiest tree I've ever seen." It's one of the many Christmas traditions we practiced, that I continue to honor as an adult. Another one of my favorite traditions is Christmas jammies. I don't think we started doing this one until I was in high school, but it still made an impact on me, and I continue to do it, even now. 

The good part about being the family pajama purchaser, is that you get to select your own Christmas jammies. (One for for me.) And, truth be told, I usually buy a couple of pairs. One to wear throughout the season, and another to open with my husband on Christmas eve, when he opens his. 

Below are a few Christmas jammies that I have my eye on or may have already purchased. ;) Be sure to snag them today, because a lot of these are on a huge Cyber Monday sale!

By the way, if you are in the Springs, I am hosting an event tomorrow night at Gordman's and would love to see you there! It's Giving Tuesday, and Gordman's is giving 10% of sales to local charity, Colorado Springs Food Rescue. Best of all, the first 50 people in the door will receive a $5 gift card! I'l be at the Gordman's at 1972 Southgate Rd, tomorrow from 5-7pm. See you there!

15 Best Christmas Gifts For Him Under $50

Guys, this might be the best gift guide yet! I have rounded up 15 of the BEST Christmas Gifts, for him, under $50 - and there is some good stuff! Don't forget, you can view all my Christmas Gift Guides by clicking on the tab in my right side bar.

Let's jump right into it.

15 Best Christmas Gifts For Him Under $50 by Colorado style blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Men's Travel Bag - This is a great gift for just about anyone, to tow their toiletries in while traveling. Guys (and girls, for that matter) love Herschel products, so you really can't go wrong here. There are tons of color options available, too, if Camo is not your thing. Shop it here.

Mophie Portable Phone Charger - I personally cannot live without this product, and think it would make the best gift for anyone in your life that is always working with a low/dead phone battery. You just can't go wrong with giving the gift of battery life! This is especially a great gift for the frequent flyer. Shop it here.

Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank - A great gift for the grill master, this unique gift will add a flavorful punch, and doubles as a serving dish. You can shop the bbq plank here. (You may also want to consider pairing the cleaning brush with this gift, here.)

Men's Onesie Pajamas - I feel like buying men's pajamas every year is such a challenge! I mean, why do they not make cool pajamas for men?! Beyond that, Brandon gets the willies over flannel (he doesn't like the feel) so that typically limits me to basic AF Christmas jammies. I found these yesterday and immediately bought them, for his Christmas Eve pajama present. He totally wears onesies, so he will love these. They are normally $70, but currently 40% off with code THANKU as a pre-black Friday sale, so scoop them up now to make sure you get them under $50! Shop them here.

12-in-1 Kitchen Tool - I really love this gift for the camper in your life. It's got 12 stainless steel tools, including a cheese grater, to save the day in almost any scenario. Shop it here.

Classic Suede Moccasin - Again, part of an early Black Friday sale, these moccasins are a steal with the 40% off discount. Snag them today for just $37. Shop them here.

Stainless Steel Flask - Need I say more? I feel like everyone can find use for a good flask, at some point. I love how sleek and stylish this one is. Shop it here.

Retro Bluetooth Speaker - I really wanted to add a bluetooth speaker to this list, but most of them are either ugly and cheap, or way too expensive to make the cut. I was thrilled to find this super cool looking bluetooth speaker for under $50! Shop it here.

MacBook Air Sleeve - This is a great laptop protector for any Mac owner in your life. Shop it here.

Joggers - You can't go wrong with good loungewear, and I just love these joggers. Shop them here.

Tie Bar Gift Set - How great is this gift set? It comes with socks, tie, and a pocket square. This is a fabulous gift for the businessman, or style icon, in your life. It comes in several different color options/pairings, too. Shop it here.

UV Phone Sanitizer - I can't tell you how many times I have almost ordered this gift, but I'm trying to be really good and not shop too much for myself. Our phones are disgusting, and this UV sanitizer quickly removes the nasty bacteria from your phone. It's a great gift for the germaphobe, the techie, or the guy that has everything. Shop it here.

Bluetooth Key Tracker - Have someone in your life that is always misplacing their keys? This bluetooth tracking tag is the solution. There are plenty of similar products like the Tile (here) and Tracker (here), but I love the minimalist look of this one. Shop it here.

Vintage Ball Cap - This works for so many guys! It's got the vintage feel we all love, and comes in different color and team options. Shop it here.

Amazon Echo Dot - A condensed version of the Amazon Echo (aka Alexa) this is an awesome tech gift under $50.  Shop it here.

Hope you guys enjoyed this gift guide! Which best Christmas gifts do you plan on purchasing from this list? FYI, I am not doing a Black Friday round up on the blog, but I am frequently updating my Facebook page with new sales, so be sure to "like" my page and be following along there.

Signing off here for the rest of the week. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!!