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Cropped Frayed Denim

Three words: cropped frayed denim. This is a trend I have had my eye on for a while, but never jumped into because of the cost. (Leave it to me to fall in love with the expensive pairs.) I'll be the first to invest in classic, timeless pieces, but I draw the line at a certain price point when it comes to trends. Luckily, I found these super cute black cropped frayed denim at a price that aligns with my rule. These ring in at just $35!
Cropped Frayed Denim
Cropped Frayed Denim & Velvet Booties
While we are talking about bargains, this top is on sale for $13! Say what? What are you waiting for? Like, really. And my favorite burgundy boots are nearly half off. Happy shopping!

Denim - only $35! / Top - only $13! / Booties - on sale!!


Daily Goals

We're halfway through January, so I thought it would be a good time to check in and see how everyone is doing with their fitness goals. Are you crushing it? I'm sure you are! 

I feel like so many people I know are on the Whole 30 right now. Anyone else? It's a great program, but honestly a little too intense for me. I mean, no wine for 30 days...need I say more?!

I recently gave up sugar for 30 days, which has been pretty easy.  Especially with treats like nice cream and Radiantly Raw Chocolate to fulfill my sweet tooth. But the thought of having to forego bread and wine in addition to that, is too much for me to bear. (Although I have certainly cut back on both.) For me, small decisions are more manageable and set you up better for success.
I recently read a little bit about the concept of setting daily goals. The idea is that instead of making ginormous goals that set you up for failure, you set small, daily goals, in hopes that you would be more likely to accomplish them.

 For example, instead of saying "I'm giving up Facebook for good!" you might set a goal of giving up Facebook for the day. (Not even going to lie, that would be hard one for me. Maybe that should be my goal for the day?) 

Setting a daily goal reshapes the way you approach that goal, setting you up for success. Is anyone else working on a similar concept? I'd love to hear what some of your goals are.

I still have a few long term goals - fitness being one of them, and although that's one I almost always fail at, I've been pretty proud of my progress so far. I've been committing to 3 days of spin every week (more on that later). I'm hoping to add at least 1 night of yoga a week, and some toning exercises, but perhaps I'm setting the bar a little high?

I have worn these leggings from Reebok to both cycling class and yoga, and they worked well for each class. These leggings come equipped with sweat wicking material to keep you cool and dry, but I especially love the pattern! This lightweight jacket is going to be on major repeat, as well. It's perfect for everything from hiking to grocery store runs. 

What are your thoughts on setting daily goals? Is it something you have been applying? Would love to hear some of your tricks for crushing it in the comments below!

Sweater, c/o Reebok / Tights, c/o Reebok / Shoes, c/o Reebok / Sunnies (25% off today with code LUXE25)

This post was sponsored by Reebok. All opinions expressed are my own.


Bermuda Travel Guide

I am so excited to be sharing my Bermuda Travel Guide with you today!! Bermuda was one of my favorite trips, because it was so different than what you might typically expect of a tropical island. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy laying on the beach just as much as the next gal, but what I really love is exploring, and there was a fair amount of that to do on the island.

Bermuda was colonized by the British in the early 1600's, so there is a lot of rich history on the island, with a strong British influence. Even the dialect is more of a British influence, with a touch of island flare.
Horseshoe Bay Bermuda
Things you might not expect when you think of Bermuda:

It has four seasons, so it was on the cooler sign around Christmas. We had several days where we were able to lay out on the beach, but a couple of days were definitely on the cooler side, forcing us to wear sweaters. Some people were getting in the water, but those people are crazy. The water is definitely cold.

Also, I never once heard a steel pan play. Unlike Jamaica or Barbados, there was not really the typical island culture, at least not where we stayed. I never once heard Calypso music.

It doesn't have Zika. One of the hardest parts about deciding where to go for our Christmas vacation, was the fact that almost all of Mexico and South America poses a certain risk in being infected by the mosquito that carries the Zika virus. This mosquito does not exist in Bermuda, making it a safe place to travel for those who have the same fear.
Fairmont Southhampton Bermuda
We stayed at the Fairmont Southhampton, which I highly recommend. The resort was clean and well-kept and had a ton of activities like morning yoga, and cooking classes to keep you engaged during down time. We upgraded to the gold plan, which is a little pricier, but well worth the money as it comes with free breakfast every morning, tea time in the afternoon, dessert in the evening and even a two hour long happy hour pre-dinner time - this was especially nice because drinks on the island pretty much cost $15-$20 everywhere you go.

What do to:

Exploring-wise, there are forts to explore on either side of the island. 14 to be exact. We explored Fort Hamilton and Fort Scaur, which were both beautiful. You can see the whole island from these points. 

If you are looking to lay out on the beach, the Fairmont Southhampton has its own beach. Horseshoe Bay is renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, and it was right next to our resort. You can take a shuttle down to both beaches, but it was a short walk and a nice way to stretch our legs. As for the pink'll read everywhere (and all the locals will tell you) that Bermuda beaches are covered in pink sand, so I totally expected to see rosey hued beaches. That wasn't the case. Sure, there was a certain tinge of pink here and there, but don't expect to be blown away by pink sandy beaches. Maybe they are more pink at a different time of the year? 
Pink Sand Beaches of Bermuda
Gibb's Lighthouse is the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world, and is just walking distance from the hotel. We climbed 185 steps to the top, which is 117 ft. tall. It offered an amazing panoramic view of the island!
Gibbs Lighthouse Bermuda
The Royal Naval Dockyard was a total step into history! We rented scooters (more on that in a sec) and took the 20 minute ride to the dockyard, the western most point of the island. It was at one point one of the largest naval bases outside of the UK, and played a strategic role in defense throughout many wars.  Most of the buildings are made with beautiful limestone and have been, or are being, restored. Bermuda is going to be home to the 2017 America's Cup, and it's all taking place at the Dockyard, so there was a lot of preparation for that while we were there. 
Naval Dockyard Bermuda
Cute British phone booths in Bermuda
Back to the scooters...this was by far my favorite part of our trip! Tourists are not allowed to drive cars on the island, as that requires a special license, so the only way to get around, outside of shuttle and pricey taxis, is to rent scooters. If there is one thing you do, do this! We rode from the each tip of the island to the other, and it was a blast! It's a little bit of a long ride, so make sure you plan appropriately, so you have plenty of time to explore each destination.  Our first stop was the dockyard, and we ended up in St. George's, where we had lunch.
St. George's is the most charming little town! It was like stepping onto the streets of Notting Hill. We got here a little too late in the day to do much exploring, but there is a lot of rich history in this town, so I would suggest making time for it.
Cathedral in Hamilton, Bermuda
Hamilton is the island's center and where a lot of the action happens. The Fairmont Southhampton has a ferry that will take you from the hotel to Hamilton. It's about a 45 minute ride. There is the most beautiful Anglican church in Hamilton, that is worth taking a few minutes to explore.

The Crystal Caves were one of the trip highlights. The caves were discovered by two young boys who were playing cricket and lost their ball. When they went to find it, they discovered this majestic cave. These boys only had a rope to let them down into the cave and a lantern to light their way. Think about how brave that was!!
Crystal Caves Bermuda
Now, let's talk where to eat:

Henry VIII - We went here for dinner the first night and had the most amazing rockfish. I mean, when you are on an island, you eat as much fish as possible - am I right? Brandon and I went back on the last day for an easy lunch of caesar salad, and fish 'n chips. 

Swizzle Inn - There are two locations of the Swizzle Inn on the island, which is a local fave. The "Swizzle" is a rum drink made with local Gosling's rum. It's a tasty drink, but is super strong, so pace yourself. I wouldn't know from personal experience, because Brandon drank all mine, but that's what he said, anyway. ;) As for food, the nachos and fish 'n chips were amazing.

Pickled Onion - Located in Hamilton, this was a nice lunch spot fresh off the ferry. I ordered the fish tacos, which I wasn't a huge fan of, but everyone else loved their dishes.

Ruby Murry - We stopped here for Indian food after our trip to the crystal caves. It's located in the cutest alleyway in Hamilton, in a quaint and cozy basement. It was one of my favorite Indian food experiences, because of the atmosphere, but the food was equally incredible.
The cutest alleyway in Bermuda!!
Wahoo's - We ate here for lunch in St. George, and there was Wahoo-a-plenty on the menu. (And no, this is not the chain "Wahoo's" that you're thinking, because everyone has asked me that!) I had the grilled wahoo - which was amazing. I definitely recommend eating here while you are in St. George.

Bacci - This Italian restaurant is part of the Fairmont Southampton, though it's not located within the hotel. You can take a shuttle down from the hotel, though. The food was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I ordered the special, which was a pesto ravioli, but all the menu items I tasted (off of everyone else's plate!!) were phenom. 

Waterlot - Another subsidiary of the Fairmont, the Waterlot is the place to go for a great steak. Brandon and I ordered surf and turf, and both the filet and the lobster were amazing. 

I hope you enjoyed my recap. I adored Bermuda, and am grateful for the opportunity to have visited this unique piece of the world. If you have any specific questions, please post them in the comments below.


Freshening Up My Makeup Routine

A New Year calls for a new makeup routine! (Or at least, a freshening up of your current one.) 

As we touched on in a recent post, I'm all about simplifying this year. It's part of my quest for a deeper joy. I have been continually reminded recently, that it really is more and more about less and less. At least it should be. And, when I say I have been continually reminded, I mean that literally every motivational poster, book and speaker that has been around me lately, has been toting the same thing:

First I read Present Over Perfect, by Shauna Niequist over the Holiday.

Then I heard, "I find that when I am not present, I am not happy." from a speaker,(whose name I don't know) at a recent company sales meeting.

Then I saw, "The goal is to live a fulfilling life, not a perfect one." on Rob Hill's Instagram feed.

Do you think God is trying to tell me something? 
I've learned that the magic happens, when I make space for it in my life. Making space in my life, simply means simplifying. A few ways I have recently done that: decluttering my closet, tossing out things that don't bring me joy, making time for people in my life that I value, saying NO!, and even freshening up my makeup routine.

For me, a daily makeup routine needs to be effortless. I like to have 5-6 products in my daily arsenal, that are easy to use, easy to take with me, and easy to re-use when it's time to reapply. It creates less fuss, and therefore leaves me with more space (aka time) to be present and enjoy life. Novel idea, right? 

I recently tried these BOOMSTICKS, sampling the trio pack, and they met all 3 of my criteria. They are incredibly versatile, as you can use each stick in multiple ways (eyes, lips, cheeks, etc.). They are easy to to take on the go, as the packaging is minimal. And, best of all, they are free of harsh ingredients like emulsifiers, binders, perfumes, parabens and phthalates, making them clean and SAFE to use. 
Each BOOMSTICK is made with natural ingredients like honey, olive oil, beeswax and Vitamin E, which soothe skin, and provide essential vitamins and antioxidants. This is something that is especially important to me, since environmental pollutants can wreak havoc on my 30+ year old skin. 

Speaking of my 30+ year old skin, today is my 31st! Where does the time go?! I feel like I was just turning 30 yesterday. Heck, let's be honest, I feel like I was just turning 21 yesterday! If you haven’t checked out my 30 things I learned before 30 post, please take a moment and let me know your thoughts.
This post was sponsored by BOOM by Cindy Joseph. As always, all opinions are my own.

Boomsticks, c/o BOOM by Cindy Joseph

Blue in Bermuda

Back from Bermuda and wondering how long is too long to leave your Christmas tree up? (Asking for a friend.) I feel like I am going to leave it in tact until the middle of January. I just love it! I am really not ready to let go of Christmas, but my birthday is just around the corner, so somehow I'll get through. 

It's kind of hard to believe I'll be 31 this year. Didn't I just turn 30? It feels like I will be 40 before we know it. Which is FINE, but still strange to say. I kind of like aging. Anyone else? It brings about new and unexpected wisdom each year, and I'm grateful for that. (Also grateful for face cream and botox. Yes, definitely grateful for that.) 

But I digress. Back to Bermuda.
As always, The Stylist LA is there for me and my need for vacation wear in winter months. It's impossible to find beachy attire in December - especially in Colorado, so I love having the option to borrow a few looks from The Stylist LA. I borrowed this dress and this romper for the trip, and they were perfect! 

Weather in Bermuda can be tricky in December. You would think an island would always be warm, but Bermuda has four seasons. December is just going into their rainy season, so the weather can fluctuate between warm and cool pretty easily - especially if it's cloudy. I swear, a cloud can blow through and change the weather 10 degrees! If the sun is out though, you're good. 

If you are planning a trip to Bermuda around Christmas, definitely bring layers. You'll have beach days for sure, but you'll also have days where a sweater is necessary - especially if you are cruising mopeds around the island! 

I can't wait to share the details from our trips. If you have any specific questions, let me know!

Dress, borrowed from The Stylist LA / Sweater - similar 

New Year, New Me

Good morning from Bermuda! If you have been following along on Instagram, you know we have been spending Christmas vacation down here. The weather has been iffy - Bermuda has all four seasons, but it's still a stark and pleasant difference from the picture below. I'll be doing a full travel guide soon, so if you have any questions, let me know.
I woke up early this morning so I could get my blog post in before the New Year. 2016 was...interesting. I wouldn't call it bad, there were just honestly a lot of bad times. I can honestly say it was one of the hardest years I've had in a while. I struggled a lot with self worth and doubt, with feeling awkward or unloved (a deep insecurity I've had since grade school), with the work/life/self care balance, and probably most importantly...with my marriage. (Newsflash - my life is not as perfect as my curated feed.) This year has been one constant roller coaster ride of the highest highs and the lowest lows.

With the good and the bad there has come great growth, though, and I'm grateful for that.
I recently read that a person goes through a deep change every 7 years. It was exactly 7 years ago that I moved to Colorado, and at that time experienced a great change. It seems fitting that this year of growth has led up to an overall restructuring, as well. There is pain and struggle that I had to experience this year, in order to shed its weight and move on - in order to grow. I'm not talking about a total personality change - that's something that a person can't change (and why would you want to). I'm just talking about a fresh and healthy perspective on things.

So, looking toward the new year and the new me, let's talk goals.

I'm not one to make resolutions, but I think it is important to set goals in every season, and I tend to choose the new year as a season of change, and that works for me. (But, the planner in me starts thinking about my goals months in advance!) So what has 2016 taught me? What are my 2017 goals?
1. "Overplanning Kills Magic" - I am a planner. It is who I am. I think about mine and my husband's birthdays, and what to buy/what to do, 3 months in advance. I am already thinking about buying the plane ticket to my cousin's wedding 5 months from now. If you asked me out to happy hour during the month of December,  I would have set something up for January because my calendar is so full. It's who I am. There is a lot of greatness that comes from that, sure. But can it kill magic? Absolutely. One of my major goals is to not plan so much. To allow more time for me and my husband, and for spontaneity and self-care. To spend more and more time doing less and less. To let the magic happen.

2. Save more money - This is a big goal for 2017. We have a major house project that we are working on that is going to take a large chunk of change. Beyond that, I want to move into a bigger home in 2018, so I want to be strategic this year and save big. Doing less (a la #1) will likely contribute to this goal nicely.

3. Workout - I have recently fallen in love with cycling at a Soulcycle-esque local studio, which I'll post about in my #SpringsFavorites one day. I am obsessed with how it makes me feel and am completely addicted. We plan to start trying for a baby at some point this year, so I really want to get in the best shape of my life before then.

5. Eat the donut - A friend said this earlier on in the month as a nod to forgiveness of oneself and one's body. I LOVE donuts. I LOVE sweets in general. And I'm tired of beating myself up over every calorie and every fluctuating pound. I fully believe that a healthy diet is the key to quality of life, and  I eat that way 80% of the time. BUT, I have also learned that the key to my own quality of life is allowing myself to indulge freely and without bearing the burden of guilt and shame - therefore, I'm eating the damn donut and moving on with my life.

6. Read a book a month - My love for reading was recently rekindled when I listened to "Love Warrior" by Glennon Doyle Melton on Audible. Actually, my love for reading for also in large part rekindled thanks to Audible (not sponsored). I spend most of my time moving from point A to B and rarely just sit down long enough to dive into a hard copy book, (not to mention my self diagnosed ADHD kicks in) so being able to throw on a book in the car or while I am cleaning is really the best way for me to "read".

7. Joy - my word for the year. I started naming a word for the year, a few years ago, as a point to aim towards, but I have found it more so to be a great point of reflection throughout the year. Joy was my word for 2016, and I felt like I didn't really attain it, so I am recycling the word and using it once again. The good news is though, that I really feel that I was able to recognize some things in my life that are keeping me from attaining joy. I got to the root of a few issues and realize what I need to do to get there, so I'm making it my word for 2017 and going to keep working on it. Do you have a word for the year?
Sweater, c/o Chicwish / Skirt (old) - similar / Booties / Beanie, c/o / Sunnies

Feeling Festive

Guys, can you believe that Christmas is only two days away?! I feel like this has been a stress free season for me, in terms of all things Christmas, because I knocked by shopping out early on in the month. I even wrapped all my presents early in the month, so it's been smooth sailing in that department for weeks. I guess there are positives to me being such a planner. ;)

I recently styled this sweater set from Chicwish and decided to make it a bit more Christmas-y by adding my favorite red plaid scarf. I mean, is there anything more festive than plaid? I think not.
I have to tell you about these tights though. I picked them up from Express recently, and they might just be my best purchase of the season. They are thicker than your average tights. (Did any one else just sing the into to Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can't you see there? I think he says sicker than your average, but whatev. Welcome to how my brain works. I digress...) I picked them up in the Opaque and Super Opaque - which is now sold out. The fit is super comfortable and goes up high enough to avoid a pesky muffin top. To be honest, I am kind of crushing on all the tights at Express right now. Luckily for me (and my bank account) everything at Express is currently 50% off.

Also, on my #obsessed list is this velvet clutch - which comes in black, navy, burgundy and green. It's such a great statement accessory, that I can see working well beyond the Holidays. But, if you are procrastinator and need a last minute gift for Christmas, you are guaranteed delivery by Christmas eve here
Well, we are off to Bermuda in two days. Have you ever been? If so, please tell me what you loved and what I must do. Also, I'm in the market for some new audiobooks for the flight. Anything you are particularly excited about?

Sweater Set (sold out), c/o / Scarf - only $19! / Boots (old) - love these / Tights