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Feeling Comfortable In Your Skin With Neutrogena

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It's taken me most of my life to feel comfortable in my own skin. I think I've talked about this on here before (and I know I've talked about it on my Instagram story), but I spent the better half of my life always concerned about what people thought of me. Never feeling like I was good enough, did enough, acted the way I was supposed to. It was defeating and exhausting. 

It honestly wasn't until I hit 30 that I was rid of that insecurity. It wasn't like I just woke up at 30 and decided to be confident, though. It definitely came with a lot of self work. And it still does. It's so easy to let insecurities creep in, especially when you've trained yourself to live with them for most of your life. 

Here are some ways I've learned to feel comfortable in my skin.

1. Curb The Self Talk - We all have self doubt. It's just life. But we all also have the power to stop negative talk dead in its tracks. Whenever I find myself starting to spiral down a rabbit hole of unworthiness, in my head, I will literally snap myself out of it by speaking out loud, something along the lines of, "Wait. Stop it. That is not true. This is what's true." Taking control of your thoughts and combating them with truth, out loud, is more powerful than you can imagine. Sometimes I have to do that 10 times a day, but it's a practice worth doing, in the fight toward self confidence.

2. Eating Right - As someone that has struggled with body image her whole life, this is crucial to me. Trust me, I am all for body positivity (and envy the girls that naturally feel comfortable with their bodies), but for me, having a healthy lifestyle, filled with exercise and a balanced diet, IS what makes me feel good. To each their own. 

3. Taking Care of My Skin - It's no secret that skin and self-confidence go hand in hand. And it makes sense, too. You skin/face is usually the very first thing people see. Having breakouts or acne prone skin, can take a toll on your self-confidence, leaving you feeling exposed and insecure. I get my fair share of breakouts, so I was thrilled when Neutrogena asked me to try their new Neutrogena® Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment! Read on my for review.
Neutrogena® Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment will revolutionize the way you treat breakouts/acne! This red light therapy technology used to only be available in a dermatologists office, but the lovely people at Neutrogena are now allowing you to take this clinically proven treatment system home. They created a Light Therapy Acne Mask (covers your whole face, for people that are more acne prone) and this, Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment - which I tried out for the past 30 days. 

Studies show that people that use this treatment had 98% fewer breakouts and saw results in less than 1 week! My results were actually a bit better, as I would see my acne spots dry up within 48 hours. I get terrible "neck-ne" and always have, which is why I opted for the spot treatment, versus the mask. I loved it so much though, that I actually want to go get the mask to combat future breakouts. The mask is supposed to be super comfortable and lightweight, with a viewing spot, so you can multi-task. It's cost-per-use breaks down to about $.50/day, so it's a great bang for your buck product. 

I'm sure you guys are wondering how it works. (I know I was!) Basically, this  FDA approved, patent pending product uses red and blue light therapy (that's UV free!) to target acne causing bacteria, more deeply than any other acne product can. The blue light kills 99% of bacteria, while the red light reduces inflammation. No chemicals and no flaking! 

If you are thinking of picking up with this product, here are some things to be aware of.

You must clean and wash your face before using. That's where Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes and Fresh Foaming Cleanser came in handy.  

The spot treatment and mask should NOT be used in tandem.

And, you really should use the products for 30 days (like I did) to see best results. 
I picked up my Neutrogena® Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment  at Walmart, in the skincare aisle. Or, you can pick yours up via the link below.

What tips do you have for feeling comfortable in your skin? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

Spring Fashion: The Print To Wear This Season

Gingham is the quintessential Spring print. In fact, I'm going on record and saying it's the Spring fashion print you NEED to wear this season.


I'm obsessed with this Bardot-esque two-piece set from TOBI. (Top available here, shorts here, super similar bag here.) So much so, that it had me scouting out other gingham pieces to add to my closet. 
Spring Fashion: The Print To Wear This Season by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Spring Fashion: The Print To Wear This Season by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Spring Fashion: The Print To Wear This Season by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Spring Fashion: The Print To Wear This Season by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Spring Fashion: The Print To Wear This Season by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Spring Fashion: The Print To Wear This Season by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love

While I'm talking about Spring fashion, did you catch my post about Spring color trends

Gingham is such a fun print because you can be as subtle or as bold with it as you like. From gingham print sandals to sundresses, this print fits every style type. Traditionally, it can be seen in black and white patterns, but I absolutely love the pink, red and blue gingham prints. 

I've rounded up a few of my favorite Spring fashion gingham pieces below, and am sharing everything from preppy to sassy. 

How I Balance Work and Life + The Blog

The number one question people ask me is, "How do you do it?"

For those that have no idea what I'm talking about, I manage a full time career in Real Estate aside from this blog. Between the blog, and Real Estate, I work anywhere between 50-60 hours a week, on average. I know...I know... it sounds crazy. And somehow, on top of that, I manage to have a pretty great social life - so I'm not complaining.

So how do I do it?

HOW I BALANCE WORK AND LIFE + MY BLOGHow I Balance Work and Life + The Blog by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love

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First off, let me say: you can do anything you put your mind to. You just have to try.

Most of us have no idea what we are capable of, because we've never just stepped out on a limb and tried. That's something the blog teaches me daily - to just try. I knew absolutely nothing about code or editing when I started this blog. And, although I'm not the best coder or editor, even now, I know a pretty good amount to get me by.

Same goes for Real Estate. I knew so little about it when I started but I was fully committed to learning, and was blessed to be taught by some of the absolute best agents in town. Now, I have other agents tell me that they learn from me through the closing process! You never know what you are capable of until you just try.

Know Your Strengths 

There was a point when I thought I had to do everything on my own, to keep my brand and blog authentic. But you know what...there are some people that are WAY better at SEO than I am, and can slay an article for me in 30 minutes that would take me half a day to figure out. #aintnobodygottimeforthat I have also hired someone to manage my Pinterest account, so that my content gets out there, without much effort (in that arena) on my behalf. Don't worry, I will ALWAYS be the one to manage my Instagram and blog posts, but when it comes to promotion on sites that don't require ME to engage with my audience, I'd rather leave it to the experts.

It's ok to hire out, and in fact, I think you should hire out, in order to continue toward the path of success. If you are bogged down at work doing menial tasks - hire an assistant. It might be scary to employ a team under you, but more often than not, it's going to take you to the next level, by freeing up more of your time to do what you do best.

Wake Up Early

I read on HuffPost that 90% of executives wake up before 6am, and 50% of self made millionaires wake up 3 hours before their work day begins. I think about this every time I get out of bed at 6am. I accomplish more for myself and this blog in the hours of 6-7:30am, than most people do in the first 3 hours of their day. Getting up early allows me the space I need to get blog tasks out of the way, so that I have the mental capacity to focus on Real Estate the rest of the day. Besides, I feel like I am more fresh in the morning than I am in the evening, and get my best/most creative work done at that time.

Hard Work

It's not easy, but I do it. I do it because I love it. I often go weeks before I actually have a "day off", because my weekends are usually spent either showing houses or doing photo shoots, editing, and writing blog posts. (Shout out to my husband, because he is putting in those hours with me. And yes, photo shoots are work!) There are days when I'm so completely burnt out that I go to bed at 8:30pm, and others when it invigorates me so much that I'm ready to take on the next thing. At the end of the day, I just listen to my body and what it's telling me. (Sometimes, a dose of self-care is essential. See this post.)

And, as far as balancing my social life - you just make the time for the things that are important to you. My friends are at the top of that list.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or tips for how you balance all the things in your life, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

By the way, I was featured on the Living Local show this week. For those that might have missed the segment, I touch on this topic a bit more there.

Spring Color Trend Alert

Spring 2018 called and said orange is the new millennial pink! I have to admit, I'm pretty excited about it, too. I absolutely love orange ensembles, and have been adding orange to my closet, like this rust-orange dress. Orange has a way of instantly brightening your mood.

Orange can be an intimidating color for most, but you can test new waters safely by starting to incorporate orange accessories and accent pieces into your wardrobe. Go bold with an orange top with green accessories, or stay more muted by adding a pop of orange to you basic jeans and tee look. The options are endless. I've rounded up some great orange pieces below.


Spring Color Trend Alert by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love

Lavender has always had a certain Spring appeal, but it's dominating Spring 2018, as a substitute for standard blush. Lavender tones offer the same appeal that you would typically find in blush accents, but with a fun new twist. Trade out your white pumps for lavender tones, and amp up your floral pieces with purple accents. You really can't go wrong with this color choice, no matter your skin tone.

Yellow is possibly the most intimidating of the Spring color trends, but it can be the most beautiful  when pulled off appropriately. (Especially when you've got a good tan!) Yellow/rust colored stripes are a great subtle option for Spring, or take it to the next level with a marigold maxi.

5 Ways To Practice Self Care With Gordmans

This practice self care post was sponsored by Gordmans. As always, all opinions are my own.

Today I'm back with Gordmans, and sharing 5 ways to practice self care.
5 Ways To Practice Self Care With Gordmans by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
I feel like I have been on the go at new extremes, lately. So much so, that I have began to write lists before I go to bed, so I can mentally clear out all the tasks I know I will need to accomplish the next day. Anyone else like that?

Although staying busy is inevitable, due to my line of work and lifestyle, I learned the hard way a few years ago that burning the candle at both ends, is a detriment to my health and happiness. Because of that, I work relentlessly at self care and making sure I put my needs first. For someone who is doer, or a giver, that may sound selfish. Trust me when I say that it is not. You NEED to recharge your battery, before you can do more and give more to anyone else.

If you struggle with the concept of taking time for yourself and "putting yourself first", it might be good to take a step back and think about your motivations. Ask yourself these questions:

1. How does this serve me or the people I most care about? (like your spouse)
2. Is doing "this" or "that" task, or event, aligning with the person I want to be?
3. What could I let go of, to make space for something more meaningful?

I could do a whole blog post on burn out, and how to identify if you are working toward it, along with action items to reverse the cycle, but I'll save that for another time.

Here are 5 Ways I Practice Self Care

Take Deep Breaths - Scientifically, breathing techniques are known to help us relax. I can be incredibly high strung, so sometimes the last thing I want to make myself do is "chill" and take a deep breath. But, I know it is one of the quickest ways to calm me down and help me recenter. Lighting a candle, with a stress-relieving scent can help speed up this process, too. I love this one I picked up from Gordmans, because it reminds me to really relax and unwind.
5 Ways To Practice Self Care With Gordmans by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Say "No" - For a doer, and a people pleaser, saying no, and turning down invitations, can be one of the hardest ways to practice self care. For me, this has definitely been one of the hardest things I've had to teach myself. I said "yes" to everything for a long time. Every social event, every banquet, every happy hour, etc. Meanwhile, I was sacrificing a peice of my joy and happiness, by constantly working to fill up everyone else's cup but my own. I have learned that saying "no" is not only okay, but it is one of the best ways I can care for myself in a busy season.

Take A Bath - It might seem so cliche, but for someone that is always on the go, taking a bath is the last thing you'd want to make time for.  Carving out time to just BE STILL can be difficult for me, so I like to spend that time soaking in the tub, as it sort of forces you to just be still and do nothing. I love making bath time feel sort of like a sanctuary/sacred space, so I always pick up lavish items to add to the effect. I picked up this luxurious bath bar, and set of bath bombs from Gordmans to set the tone.
5 Ways To Practice Self Care With Gordmans by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Workout - Prioritizing workouts has become an essential part of my mental health. Whether it be a jam session at my favorite spin place, or stretch session at my favorite yoga studio. Getting my endorphins pumping instantly boosts my mood and clears my mind.

Get Enough Sleep - My friends will probably laugh at this one, because I'm kind of known as an early bird. But hey... I just know that good sleep is a critical piece of my mental health and happiness, and it's not something I am willing to sacrifice. When it comes to sleep, aim for whatever your body needs. For me, that is 8-9 hours. For others, it's 6-7. Listen to your body and what it tells you. If you'd like tips on getting better sleep, read this post.

Try out some of these tips to practice self care this weekend, and let me know your thoughts. If you are wanting to amp up your bath time, I highly recommend stopping by your local Gordmans and picking up some of these luxurious bathtime essentials. I only spent about $20 total on everything, so you can really create a great at-home spa experience on a super low budget.
5 Ways To Practice Self Care With Gordmans by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Gordmans gets new product every week, so there's always something new to choose from. And, since they are an off-price retailer, buying excess inventory from department stores, they often have name brand products to choose from - at a greatly reduced price.

If you want to see some other ways I've recently shopped at Gordmans, check out my last post where I talked about spring cleaning and organizing tips?

Cute Crop Tops For Spring

Crop top, drop top...oh wait. That's not how the song goes. ;) If you saw my Instagram post yesterday, you know two things. 1. I love cute crop tops 2. I am no wear near ready to be wearing them. Like I said in the post, I took about 189798236 photos of this look before finding one that didn't remind me that I ate pizza (like a boss!) the night before. (BRB...I gotta go do crunches...)

Anyhoo, if you've got your bikini game on early this season, and want to show off those abs, I've rounded up a few cute crop tops that caught my eye, below.

This exact crop top is from Tobi, as well as the skirt. I believe you'll get 50% off if you are new member. Plus, they do free shipping over $50, and free returns. Praise!
Cute Crop Tops For Spring by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
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Best Graphic Tees Under $50

If you're anything like me and are loving the luxe look of graphic tee trend, but can't make sense of spending upwards of $50, or even $100 on a t-shirt (I'm look at you Gucci!)...this post is for you. 

I have been loving the look of the Vintage Gucci Tee, but you know I would never pay that much for anything, let alone a t-shirt! This fueled my search for the best graphic tees under $50 - and I found some great options!

Let's start with the one I am wearing here. I absolutely love how luxe it looks! Best of all, it's only $26! It's even on sale for 50% off today, so you could snag it for just $13. (It comes in black, too.) It's oversized, so you can get this look by ordering your normal size. I am wearing a small, for reference. 

These jeans are also 50% off today (on sale for $25!), and I am so obsessed with them. I sized one size up and they fit perfectly. (Use the code "GOBABE" to get the discount.)

I've linked my whole look below, along with a few other graphic tees that caught my eye.


Best Graphic Tees Under $50 by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Best Graphic Tees Under $50 by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Best Graphic Tees Under $50 by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love